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Northwoods Alliance Teams

The Northwoods Hockey Program was established to provide hockey opportunities to Northwoods skaters.. Our teams travel to tournaments in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, & more.  Our goal is to continue improving the quality and reputation of our program and hockey in Wisconsin each year.  Our Northwoods spring teams are called The Alliance. Each of our spring teams are talent based squads that participate in ability based tournaments in the Midwest. 

Alliance Team Structure

The Alliance Teams structure their spring program in collaboration with member organizations of Northwoods Wisconsin Rapids, Hockey Factory Madison, Hockey Factory Fond du Lac.

Team Selection

Each location has skaters sign up to participate on an Alliance team and then are placed on an Alliance team based on their tryout or evaluation process. 

Practice Locations

Skaters attend their local teams practice slots and can even attend other members Alliance practices. Each Alliance practice is structure on developing individual skills run by either a Northwoods or Hockey Factory coaching specialist. Prior to attending their first tournament, the Alliance teams will participate in a team camp weekend to have a weekend of team building practices.  

The Registration "Minocqua" is not currently available.


Our Northwoods Futures program is a fun and exciting clinic that is designed for the young and aspiring mite aged player. These clinics are designed to include skating, puck possession, shooting and constraint games! Our on ice sessions will consist skill based stations that constantly keep our young skater engaged.

The Registration "Minocqua" is not currently available.