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The Registration "Northwoods Futures" is not currently available.

Northwoods Futures

Our Northwoods Futures program is a fun and exciting clinic that is designed for the young and aspiring mite aged player. These clinics are designed to include skating, puck possession, shooting and constraint games! Our on ice sessions will consist of skill based stations that constantly keep our young skater engaged.

A portion of our clinic will focus on skating.  Players will be introduced to proper stance, balance, and stride techniques while also working on their inside and outside edges. 

Our Futures program also spends time focusing on puck possession which includes, stickhandling, deception, hand placement, and body positioning.  

 The biggest area for our Futures program is our constraint game program which finds way to handicap and challenge skaters in fun competitive small area games. We believe in skaters learning skills through competition 

Futures Spring Details

Event Day/Time
Start Date March 23rd (Thursday only to start)
End Date May 10th
Times (Wednesday's) 5:45pm-6:45pm
Cost $175

Matty Taylor

Lead Instructor


• Shot Balance
• Cultivate a faster release
• Putting power into your shot
• Shooting in stride
• Shooting in small areas
• Tips, Rebounds, and in tight scoring

Power Skating:
• Small area fast movement
• Stride technique
• Creative stops & starts
• Exploding out of a pivot
• Balance & Posture
• Crossovers

Puck Possession
• Expansion of puck area
• Quick hands & heads up
• Evasive stickhandling maneuvers
• Finding time and space

Constraint Small Area Games:
• Fun & exciting atmosphere
• Puck touches
• Encourage creativity and experimentation
• Develop quicker reaction times
• Enhance skill development
• Increased puck handling skills under extreme pressure
• Quick passing & receiving skills in confined spaces